Our Favorites in the First 50 Countries

Hey guys welcome back! I hinted at a surprise once we hit 50 countries and here we are! I know it’s a little daunting seeing all the recipes that we have been making and you are probably wondering what are the best recipes?

Looking through my handy dandy little red notebook I reviewed our ratings and came up with a list of our favorites for your easy excess. Remember I did not execute every dish perfectly and some I plan to redo after we make it through all the remaining countries. So drum roll please, here are the results!


Ratatouille – France rated 6.5/10
Tonkostu Ramen – Japan rated 7/10


Pabellón Criollo – Venezuela rated 7.5/10
Mahshee – Libya rated 8/10


Swallows Nests – San Marino rated 8.75/10
Machboos – Kuwait rated 9/10


Lamb Tagine with Apricots – Morocco rated 10/10

Morocco was our winner!! It had a beautiful array of flavors and a nice contrast of textures. It was comfort in a bowl and warmed our hearts. Looking back at our ratings I feel like we could have rated some of our dishes a little higher, but either way here are our favorite dishes! I hope this gives you that little nudge to cook outside your comfort zone and try something new. As always let us know what you think!