Our Favorite Recipes 51-100

Just like before, we give you the run down of our favorites, a full ranked list, and crown a top dish! Also as mentioned before we will remake anything that was rated below 6.5/10 (or if you see a lower rated country and have a suggestion we are all ears)! 🌽

It has been so much fun exploring new countries and flavors. We can’t wait to try more!! If a recipe seems intriguing to you click on the recipe name to visit the post!

(54) Malaysia: Nasi Lemak 6.5/10


(61) Vietnam: Pho 8/10


(95) Afghanistan: Kabuli Palau/Qabili Palau 8.75/10



Puerto Rico!! My bestie Zory is the owner of this fabulous recipe and obviously we are OBSESSED. It has been made several times and is full of love and flavor.

After another 50 we will make another go to list of our favorites and maybe you’ll find a new favorite yourself 😊