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(129) Ethiopia – Berbere Chicken with Ethiopian Lentils

Here we are, one country over from Somalia! Ethiopia also sits beside Eritrea, Djibouti, Sudan, South Sudan, and Kenya. Other than its tasty coffee, Ethiopia is known for believing in 13 months are apart of the year, over half of the continents mountains are found here, and vegetarianism is very common. Ethiopian cuisine as stated …

(128) Somalia – Bariis Maraq (Somali Beef Stew with Spiced Rice)

Somalia brings us to 128, an East African country positioned in the Horn of Africa. It can be found abutting Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, and the Indian Ocean. I didn’t realize this very dry, arid country had such vast coastlines (over 2,000 miles)! Another fact about Somalia is this is where the dromedary camel was domesticated. …

(127) Algeria – M’thouem (Garlic Meatballs in Spicy Red Garlic Sauce)

Algeria is a North African country situated between Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, and Alboran Sea. 80% of Algeria is made up by the Sahara desert. The country is known for its artisanship- pottery, carpet weaving, and wooden sculptures. The cuisine of Algeria is made up of several cultures; Berbers, Romans, French, …


Hello and welcome to our blog! My name is Paige and I am the main gal bringing you the savory content. My husband Ian will also be on this delicious adventure with me (hence the messy aprons). We are food lovers and are always craving new meals to try. Being Mainers we enjoy spending our time outdoors whether it be going for a hike, shooting photography, or camping out of our rig.

One of our favorite places to camp in southern Maine
What inspired this culinary adventure?

I have always been curious about new foods. Ever since I was in high school when I start to exclusively eat gluten free (haha that didn’t stick) to improve my health I have been experimenting with new alternatives and flavors. Growing up I had my parents who both are great in the kitchen introducing me to their favorite meals, but come to find out once I got out on my own I hadn’t tried A LOT of foods. Ian also brought this to my attention with his background as a line cook in a Greek-Italian restaurant (hit the jack pot!). So long story short I always want to try new things and have new savory experiences. What better way to achieve this than making food from each and every country around the globe? I hope these new flavors satisfy your wanderlust like it will mine!

Source: Google Earth
How do we Know What to Make?

Well Pinterest and I go way back.. let’s just say recently I have been spending a lot of time gaining inspiration and ideas searching about each country and discovering their national dishes. To help give me a sense of direction on what country comes next I have been able to use Random Country to feed me a countries I add to a very long list to form an itinerary. Some weeks I will be spending all my time in one country such as Australia or Mexico since there are so many recipes and the country is so vast. We also will take more time and research with countries that make up our ancestral roots. Most of the time, we will be doing one dish per country. With the goal of completing four each week we will be posting these experiences, recipes, and a little history on each meal. I hope you enjoy this as much as we do and maybe get inspired yourself!

On top of Mount Moosilauke in Benton, NH
Watchman trail, Zion National Park


Are you craving more? You can reach us at themessyaprons@gmail.com with any questions, suggestions, or thoughts! We would love to hear from you if we have cooked a dish that is near and dear to your heart.