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Sandy’s Piragi Recipe

Yields1 Serving

Make sure you have time for this crowd pleaser! This is an original recipe from a friend of mine who is from Latvia. She makes these on special occasions and family gatherings. It makes many piragi!

 ¼ cup very warm, (not hot) water
 3 tbsp sugar (1 tbsp with yeast, 2 with milk)
 1 packet of yeast
 2 cups whole milk
 1 tsp salt
 1 egg
 1 stick of butter
 2 tbsp sour cream
 1 ½ tsp cardamom
 6 cups flour
 1 beaten egg (to brush on dough)
 sour cream or red sauce for serving
 1 package of bacon
 ½ lb finely diced smoked ham
 2 diced onions
 2 tsp ground pepper
 1 tbsp caraway seeds
 1 bay leaf
 salt to taste

Start with frying the bacon and draining on paper towels. Once cooled and drained chop up and set aside


Fry onions, caraway seeds, pepper, and bay leaf in bacon fat. After a few minutes add the bacon back with the ham and cook for 10 minutes on medium heat. Once done place in the fridge to chill- the longer the better, over night is best.


For the pastry combine the very warm water, yeast, and 1 tbsp of sugar. Allow to bubble up over the cup, approx 10 minutes. While it rises scald the milk, being careful not to let it burn by stirring it often. It will form a film over the top which is good. The temperature of the milk should be around 177 degrees F. Add the 2 tbsp sugar, salt, and butter to milk. Allow it to combine and cool to luke warm temperature.


In a large greased bowl combine 3 1/2 cups flour, egg, cardamom, yeast mixture, and sour cream. If mixing by hand beat until smooth and shiny, if by stand mixer 2-3 minutes. Cover bowl and let rest for 1 hour.


Once hour is up place risen dough on silicon mat or dough board with remaining flour, slowly incorporating by kneading the dough until it becomes elastic. Cover a second time and let rise for 45 minutes.


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Roll out the dough and take "pinches" of dough, roll out to 2.5-3", fill, then pinch edges shut. Alternatively take a cup and flour the edges, roll out sheet of dough and use the cup as a cookie cutter! Perfectly sized pieces every time! Also you can use the cup edge to neatly trim off access dough and help seal the pastries!
Place on greased pan with seam side down and brush egg wash on top, let rise for 20-30 minutes.


Bake 10-14 minutes until golden brown. Serve with sour cream or a red sauce. Enjoy! :)